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Engaging learners with lessons of the past guiding them to understand their present and envision their future.


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School Tour – Grades K through 5

How did people live in the past?  How were their day-to-day lives different from ours, and how were they the same?  We will compare and contrast how people dressed, how they traveled, and how they used resources.  In addition to time in the History Museum, students will take a guided walk through the former Sacramento Valley Railroad yards to The Square, where they will see a live blacksmith demonstration and participate in hands-on gold panning.

Program Length: 2 Hours

Cost: $10 per student, $6 per adult, 40 students maximum


School Walking Tour – Grades 6 through 12

Explore the streets of Folsom’s historic district.  Investigate local stories of the past and determine fact from fiction.  Learn the process of discovering historical truths.  A hosted tour in the Folsom History Museum will focus on the timeline of regional events, while a visit to The Square will allow students to experience the growth of innovation and its effect on society.

Program Length: 90 Minutes

Cost: $10 per person, 25 participants maximum


Homeschool Workshop Series – Coming Fall of 2024

Join us for this series of interactive programs spotlighting history and innovation.  We’ll examine how innovation changed how people lived and worked.  Students will use their creativity with hands-on activities.  Each workshop highlights a different aspect of our local history.  Subjects may include farming, food preparation, transportation, and more.

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