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Engaging learners with lessons of the past guiding them to understand their present and envision their future.



Listen to stories of the Pioneer days at the Folsom History Museum. Enjoy tales of the past that can be found at our museum shop. After listening to our story, there will be a craft to go along with the story. 

This event will begin in August on the third Friday of every month at 11am-11:30am. For ages 2 to 6. For further details, check out our events page under visit us.


Explore the Folsom History museum and participate in exhibit activities during a docent led tour. Afterwards, explore the grounds of Pioneer Village to learn the life of the California settlers through crafts and stories.

"The Pioneer Village experience was absolutely amazing! We brought our homeschool group here and had an incredible time. The volunteers really care about what they’re doing and what they’re teaching and engage the children in such a way that they were a part of the experience. They make each station interesting for the children and very interactive. We literally felt like we stepped back in time and got to experience life like the pioneers did! There were so many questions our children had, there was so much learning that they experienced and being around everything in a hands-on environment made it very unique and special. We will definitely be back. Thank you so much for the opportunity and your service to the community!" - Tara Manna-Beatty

School tours will begin during the spring semester. If you'd like to schedule a date please click the link to fill out the form. If you have any questions or to submit the form, please reach out to