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Our mission is to Inspire an innovative future together by connecting Folsom to its inventive roots.


The Folsom Historical Society (FHS) is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization founded in 1961 to preserve and promote the history of Folsom.  Today, FHS operates two museums in Folsom's Historic District - the Folsom History Museum and Pioneer Village outdoor interpretive area. FHS had a unique start and that spirit of education and preservation of the past continues to push us forward to this day.

The Folsom Historical Society was founded by a group of Folsom residents who worked to prevent the demolition of the Wells Fargo Assay Office on Sutter Street. The building was set to be destroyed and a gas station built in its place. The building was demolished but some forward-thinking, history-minded Folsom residents saved and stored the pieces of the historic building. The planned gas station was never built, and the space remained empty until members of the Folsom Historical Society rebuilt the front façade of the Wells Fargo Assay office. The building opened as the Folsom History Museum in 1976.

In 2002, FHS began operating Pioneer Village – an outdoor living history interpretive area only blocks away from the Folsom History Museum. Pioneer Village includes gold panning, a working blacksmith forge and large-scale mining and agriculture equipment. This has served as the perfect complement to the history museum’s permanent and rotating exhibits.

The Folsom Historical Society maintains a collection of artifacts, photos, documents and more that relate directly to the history of Folsom and the surrounding region. FHS serves as a research institution, offers engaging educational programming for all ages and has a membership base of more than 500. The Folsom Historical Society has grown from an all-volunteer organization to a professional and dynamic piece of Folsom’s historic district and community.

In June 2022, the Folsom Historical Society has rebranded to Folsom History, updating the vision and mission of the organization for the coming years.


Our vision is to strengthen the social, intellectual, and connective fabric of Folsom CA.