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Folsom History presents a bi-monthly speaker series focusing on the innovative community of Folsom. Hosts will speak on many areas of interest in our community, including history, research, photography, trends, invention, and business. Check back for more dates and guests throughout the year. Have any suggestions or interested in presenting? Reach out to us at

Thank you for sitting with us this spring to listen to Roberta and Kevin! We will have new speakers arriving after this summer for you to learn more from.


FEBRUARY 16, 2023

Speaker: Roberta Long
The "Terrific Three": Folsom, Leidesdorff, & Judah

Before the “Big Four,” there was the “Terrific Three”: Folsom, Leidesdorff, and Judah. Join author Roberta Long for an evening of insight and reflection on some of Folsom’s most influential founders. Gain perspective on the role these men had in Folsom’s history and who they were to the residents of Folsom. What would the city of Folsom look like now if their lives had taken different turns?

Roberta Kludt Long was editor of Folsom Life newspaper from 2003 to 2008 and is now an independent editor, writer, and photographer. Her interest in history is lifelong, beginning with stories of her ancestors.

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MARCH 16, 2023

Speaker Kevin Knauss Working to Unearth Chinese History of Folsom

Join local historian Kevin Knauss to hear of his latest investigation into our region's past. While tracing his path of discovery, Kevin will share his findings on the Chinese population and their critical role in Folsom's early 1860s economy. By viewing censuses, bills of sale, and other archived material, Kevin has added to our understanding an aspect of Folsom's history that has been neglected in our past.

Kevin Knauss, a local historian, has written three books about the early Folsom region. His source material comes local archives and public resources such the Folsom Museum archives, Center for Sacramento History, California State Library, and many others.

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