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Volunteer Spotlight, Mic DeGrandmont

When did you begin working at Folsom History?

I began working in the Spring of 2022.

How did you get involved with Folsom History?

I was attending Sacramento State University as a Recreation Major. I needed pre-internship hours to qualify for the internship program. I found out about Folsom History and arranged an interview with a staff member. It became mutually beneficial when we believed we could help each other and I was hired.

Summarize the work you do at Folsom History.

I am called a “facilities lead”. My job is to make sure that the Square can function every occasion it is used. I survey the site for any problems and concerns that can affect the experience of the visitors and employees. I supervise any upkeep work that is done at the site. I supervise the employees who work when the site is open to the public. Last , I supervise the opening and closing of the site.

What is your favorite part about working with Folsom History?

My favorite part is interacting with all the friendly staff of the agency. They have been helpful and supportive to me since I was a volunteer at The Square.

What is something you have done with Folsom History that you are proud of?

I am proud to have helped turn a room in the Carriage House at The Square into a break room for employees. This room in its first state was very cluttered with little idea over what items belonged to who and what to do with them. I assisted with this effort by photographing and cataloging every item to better organize the refurbishment effort.

What do you like to do in your free time when you are not volunteering at Folsom History?

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube. These will be whatever I am interested in. I also enjoy reading Wikipedia articles. These are mostly about movies, television, video games, and sports.

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