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Volunteer Spotlight, Loretta Hettinger

When did you

begin working at Folsom History?


How did you get involved with Folsom History?

Long-time volunteer Nancy Percy was heading up an exhibit on the Natomas Company and needed help doing research. She inquired of Candy Miller whether her friend (me) who had recently retired from the City of Folsom might be willing to volunteer. I was willing!

Summarize the work you do at Folsom History.

Now I mostly work at the front desk and as part of the recently restarted craft guild. I have helped with multiple special exhibits, mostly as a proofreader and “baker/slicer”, but I have also lent articles to be exhibited. I have served on the exhibit committee; two of my suggestions became exhibits. I have created over 900 pincushions for sale in the giftshop, and I don’t know how many dishcloths I have knitted.

What is your favorite part about working with Folsom History?

I enjoy the fact that people who are drawn to the museum, either as visitors or volunteers, are interesting people. I especially enjoy sharing Folsom’s amazing history.

What is something you have done with Folsom History that you are proud of?

I am a founding member of the Heritage Preservation League of Folsom. We were the organization that took on the challenge of saving the Chan House to be a Chinese History Museum. We spent more than ten years fundraising, promoting the idea, and negotiating with the one-third of owners who needed to be paid for their share, ultimately resulting in Folsom History’s ownership.

What do you like to do in your free time when you are not volunteering at Folsom History?

Besides a lot of family involvement, my husband and I are very involved in bluegrass music. We are backstage managers for two festivals and have hosted more than 40 house concerts for both local and national bands. We were awarded for this work by the Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission and by the California Bluegrass Association.

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