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Snook’s Chocolates was founded in 1963 by Jim’s parents John & Jeannine Snook. The original store was in the Food Circus located adjacent to Arden Fair Mall. In 1975 Jim started to learn the confectionery craft followed by his brother Jeff. In 1985 prior to the lease ending in Sacramento the family opened a 3rd location in the Hacienda Building of Historic Folsom. With Jim’s confectionery improvements and Renee’s vision of the brand, they are carrying on the tradition of “making” that Folsom History is celebrating in The Square.


Their entrepreneurial transformation of Snook’s into its current status as one of Folsom’s most iconic businesses is a wonderful example of Folsom’s history of innovation. In addition to their business success, Jim and Renee are also notable for their instrumental participation in leading the transformation of the Sutter Street Merchant’s Association into the Folsom Historic District Association (FHDA) which focuses more broadly on the vitality of Folsom’s Historic District, not just the interests of the merchants. Jim was also a leading advocate for the creation of the Historic District Property Business Improvement District (PBID) that gave FHDA a reliable funding source. These efforts were critically important in gaining community support for the 2010 Historic District Revitalization project. All of this, including the popularity of Snook’s Chocolates has seen Folsom’s Historic District grow into a cherished attraction not just for local residents but for visitors from throughout the Sacramento region and beyond.

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